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Founders on Expertiz may be presented with one or two payment models: (1) pay-per-call (“PPC”) model; or (2) membership model. Question values are based on the Founder payment amount and other factors including but not limited to, Founder-related needs and estimated costs to Expertiz, which factors are determined and may be changed from time-to-time by Expertiz in its sole discretion, as well as the factors explained below. Expert may receive fees as follows: (a) when a Founder rates an answer 2 (out of 5) or higher, the question value is placed into the Expert account. Payments to Experts from Founders do not accrue interest; or (b) in select categories of questions, tiered pricing shall determine what an Expert receives in fees for each question. An Expert qualifies for a pricing tier based on the following: (a) Each answer an expert provides to a Founder will be rated based on either a Founder rating or a rating from an independent third party (the “Answer rating”). Each expert receives an aggregate rating (the “Expert Rating”) based on the percentage of questions the Expert answered and the average Answer Rating and access to different pricing tiers is based on such Expert Rating.

You acknowledge that Expertiz has no control over, and makes no representation or warranty of any kind, as to the ability or willingness of other Users to pay for the answers provided by Experts. In addition, you acknowledge that you are never required by Expertiz to answer any questions on the Site.

If Expertiz believes, in its sole discretion, that any Founder funds were paid to an Expert under suspicious circumstances or that funds were derived from a suspicious Founder account, Expertiz will investigate the situation until it has reached an adequate resolution, as determined by Expertiz in its sole discretion. The investigation or resolution may require the involvement of certain third parties, such as an applicable credit card company. Such an investigation may require Expertiz to put a hold on an Expert’s account. Expertiz will make commercially reasonable efforts not to exceed a 90 day hold on an Expert’s account during such an investigation.

Expertiz disclaims any warranty that its billing and payment system is without error. If an Expert believes there is a problem with Expertiz’s billing or payment system, the Expert should notify Expertiz by email to experts@expertiz.app within thirty (30) days of such problem. Upon receipt of the notification of such a problem, Expertiz will, in good faith, work to remedy any alleged payment errors.