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“Expertiz has made it so much easier for me to monetize my time by booking more calls and maximizing my availability. The WhatsApp alerts have helped in keeping a track of my availablity”
~ Mr Venkat Paruchuri, Founder ScanPay
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Frequently asked questions
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You can add as many sessions as you'd like. There are no minimums or maximums. We have some experts that offer one hour per month and others that offer 50+ hours per month. To make things even easier, Intro will integrate with your primary calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts.
Experts can choose to offer sessions ranging from 15 minutes to 3 hours. Most experts choose to offer between 15-60 minutes. All video sessions have a timer feature preventing your calls from going over the booked duration.
We recommend taking your hourly rate and adding a 20% premium to it
No. Founders will provide you context prior to booking your time. Just join the video call, listen to their queries and help them out. Its a free form and doesn't require work before or after the session
Yes, as long as they have an international credit card, we accept international founders to access in-demand experts like yourself
No, Expertiz is a free platform to join. We only make money when our experts do. For bookings through our marketplace, we ask for a 20% commission. For bookings that our experts produce, we ask for a 10% commission.
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